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J. Patrick Sutton

My parents made me start working when I was 13, mowing neighborhood lawns in the Texas heat. By age 15, I had graduated to squee-geeing tennis courts, cleaning swimming pools, and making keys at a key shop. To get through college at SMU from 1983-1987, I worked summers at a ramshackle box factory my dad bought in 1984. (He grew it into a multi-million-dollar operation by the time he retired in 2004.) I also worked at SMU as a dorm resident advisor during the regular school year. I graduated magna cum laude with two bachelor's degrees.

I went straight to graduate school and law school at Duke University from 1987-1990. To make ends meet during law school, I got another three-year gig as a dorm resident advisor, living alongside the undergraduates and getting a living stipend and a meal pass. I worked summers at law firms. I graduated with high honors and also obtained an M.A. in English from the graduate school at Duke.

After graduate school, I went to work as a law clerk for a federal judge beginning in 1990, then I practiced law in Washington DC until early 1998.

It's fair to say that big law firm life did not suit me (nor I them), so for a decade thereafter, inspired by architects Christopher Alexander and Johnny Grey and the wealth of old houses in the D.C. area, I built a successful
design/build firm (and still do the occasional project) and was licensed as a general contractor in several states.

I started practicing law in Texas in 2007. I fight fraud in land deals and work hard to preserve
homeowner rights in HOA matters. I also routinely defend homeowners against improper and illegal foreclosures. I do appellate work in all Texas and U.S. appeals courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

I spend my free time with my wife and three boys, and every morning before work, I bang away at
improbably long works of science fiction.

I am honored to be a Fellow of the
Texas Bar Foundation. I have been privileged to argue important Texas Constitutional and property-rights cases before the Texas Supreme Court in Austin and the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. I love writing briefs, and at any given time, I have several appeals going in the Fifth Circuit and in the Texas intermediate appeals courts and Texas Supreme Court. I also typically handle 2-3 U.S. Supreme Court petitions or responses thereto each year.

Admitted to the Texas Bar

Federal Court admissions:
  • Northern District of Texas
  • SouthernDistrict of Texas
  • Eastern District of Texas
  • Western District of Texas.
  • 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals
  • United States Supreme Court
The Law Office of J. Patrick Sutton